Monday, July 14, 2008

oh well

That is about the most positive title I could think of for this post. Wow, that was quite an exhausting and long day. Unfortunately, I didn't really do well. I did cover the cost of the table + a tiny bit. It turned out that it was mostly a music festival (not the good kind) and the vendors (not that I really saw any) were not all of the crafty kind.
I'm pretty tired because I spent 9 days working 2 full time jobs (SAHM + maniac seamstress/knitter/crafter. At least I've got a lot of inventory.
To give you an idea of the scope of what I made it goes something like this:

7 pairs of handknit baby booties
10 smock dresses
16 + or - garlands
45 + or - bobbies
16 appliques onesies
30 clothespin dolls
5 tiny house pillows/pincushions
3 pinboards

This week I need to rest.
And, maybe clean up, straighten and tackle some gardening. The garden misses me a bit. The raspberries are coming soon. I never told you about the gooseberries and currants, did I?


kristi said...

i don't understand why i can't live near some of this cool craftiness that is going on. did you see (inside a black apple)'s post about no one coming to her yard sale? can't understand you have an etsy shop? :)

amy said...

aw! but your stuff is so cute! but hey, like you said, you now have inventory! go enjoy the garden!

carrie said...

you made it through your first craft fair...that's more than i can say. i don't quite have the guts to sign up or apply for one yet. just think that you've made it through the first one and now you're etsy store is totally stocked!

April said...

Okay... so on the clothesline... are those dresses? aprons? They look adorable!

Barbara Brown said...

your inventory looks awsome. it must feel good. now you can list it on etsy.

Amelia Plum said...

wow! you really were a busy bee making all that inventory. sorry that the craft sale wasn't all that great but you do have the etsy shop, mackey blue and perch to unload your wares to. plus keep an eye out for future craft sales that might be more oriented towards your cute stuff and less about questionable music.

Dacia said...

well, your store is gorgeous!!! i haven't had great luck myself at those things, which is hard because you really put yourself out there when selling things you made and loved. it's really all beautiful though!