Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what's old is new again

A little sewing I forgot to show you from the past few weeks:

A tiny skirt made from a vintage tablecloth. You can see another photo of it here but, you did want to see another photo of Scarlet, no? I love this tablecloth so much but, it had some stains I just couldn't get out so it went into the fabric pile recently and I knew I would have to use it soon. It's no surprise I made something for Scarlet as I'm pretty obsessed with making things for her right now.
(Note: Must make something for self).

This clothespin hanger was made from a vintage bubble that was given to me by a friend. It had holes I could not mend and again I waited for the right project. When Claire posted her clothespin hanger I was so jealous as I've been enjoying line drying. Lynne's Mom wrote about her feelings about a clothesline so well here. I'm happy to share this sentiment with like-minded souls.


kristi said...

okay your baby and her tiny skirt are just ridiculously cute.

carrie said...

i love the tiny tablecloth skirt! too cute, nancy!

amy said...

both of these are too cute! and scarlet is adorable! i have some stained linens, too. maybe i should make lucy a skirt.

Amelia Plum said...

I love how Scarlet is lounging in the bouncer with one hand out, she almost looks like she's posing for you. I concur with what kristi said, both baby and skirt are ridiculously cute :)