Monday, June 4, 2012

strawberry season
 snuck up on me.
It's a busy time of the year with school ending this week for one and next week for the other one and all the events that come along with it and in my little corner of the world this also means strawberry season. Every day for a good three weeks I am out in my front yard picking strawberries and as fast as we can we try to make things with them and of course there is a lot of hulling and freezing going on. Often the kids want the frozen ones even though I am always saying...but there are like 100 I have just picked and more in the yard. Ms. S has a habit of picking them and then running off to hide and devour them secretly and she does this because I always say we should wash them first.

So, there has been jam (some with basil added) and there has been strawberry shortcake and a few other things. I am happy to have rhubarb growing in the garden to combine those two. Strawberries are so versatile and I can think of a lot of ways to use them which is good since I have a few hundred plants. Oh, I just remembered chocolate covered strawberries.

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Jenniffer said...

I'm envious of all your strawberry plants! What a wonderful thing to grow- and all your efforts look delicious!

Can't wait for some real summer weather to hang around here for awhile so my little family can do some picking of our own- at a berry farm though!