Friday, June 8, 2012

origami butterflies

I wanted to make something sweet for her last day of school today so I whipped up a batch of butterfly barrettes. These use small pieces of fabric cut into rectangles and I used two different fabrics for each one for contrast. You then sew the two rectangles right sides together leaving a space to turn them right side out and top stitch. Then follow directions on how to turn them into butterflies using origami instructions. The hardest part is getting everything to be perfectly lined up (mine are not) as they were a bit fiddly with the two layers of cotton. Ironing is necessary too. Then sew a barrette to the back.

Speaking of origami have you seen the documentary Between the Folds. It is amazing and will make you think of origami completely differently. I am pretty inexperienced with origami but it really is an inspiring art form.

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Jaime Rugh said...

i love these! amazing!!
did your kids watch that movie? i really want to see it- wondering if kids would like it too,,,