Friday, April 20, 2012

the footstool

I finished the footstool yesterday morning. I first wrote about this project here which I am working on in my upholstery class.

When I last wrote I was putting the burlap webbing on which actually I didn't weave a strip correctly so I had to re-do it. I then tacked on the burlap folding the edges in and then tacking. Then came foam which I cut to size and cotton. After that I tacked on the muslin.

Then came the big decision- fabric! I took my time with this step and am happy with the one I finally settled on. I found the fabric at Calico Curtains which I was surprised about. I had a unfounded negative opinion about this store but actually liked quite a few of the fabrics there. Then came attaching it. This was hard and I did it a few times. I wanted it to be smooth without a pleat on the corners but I see now a pleat would have been easier because it was next to impossible no matter how tight I pulled for it to be smooth. The piece is curvy but, I think I got it the best I could after a few tacks and untacks I decided to leave it. I made the double welting cord on my sewing machine using a zipper foot because I didn't want to wait for a welting foot which I would have had to order from a supply store or have shipped from the UK. The zipper foot worked just fine. I then hot glued this on around the edges. This is an older piece of furniture which I bought at a flea market around 8 years ago and it needed a good wax so I polished it as a final step. Overall, I am happy with the outcome and I like it a lot more then the original fabric.

I have now moved onto a boudoir chair that has been sitting in the garage and have it completely pulled apart and am in the beginning stages of tacking burlap on. Hopefully, my fabric decision won't be too hard but since I am known to be a bit indecisive here we will see.

Have a nice weekend.


Amelia Plum said...

Love love love the fabric! the footstool looks great but I wish you include a picture where we could see the footstool in profile, I'm curious about what the legs on it are like. Great job Nancy. I wish you lived closer I'd pay you to finish projects I have no time for around my house, there are too many to count.

Jenn said...

ooh, it looks gorgeous!!