Tuesday, April 17, 2012

indigo dyeing

Yesterday morning I experimented with indigo dyeing.
I got the indigo dye kit from Dharma Trading Co. and have been wanting to try it for a while.
I plan to make a tablecloth, napkins, a pillow, scarf and maybe some pouches. I dyed cotton, upholstery weight linen, linen/cotton blend, silk and lightweight linen. The silk soaked up the dye the fastest. I still need to do another rinse on some of these pieces.

As I am still learning about dye any tips or advice on running this through the washing machine at the end. I can't seem to find anything about that and I don't want to get dye on anything or anybody.

The effects remind me a lot of the sky today.


Blaze said...

So so beautiful! I love the subtleties that come from dying. So wispy and soft... I love when color bleeds into fabric.

Lillie said...

These are beautiful! I've started dying things this year (so much fun!) and I generally try to hand wash the first few times before machine washing. Good luck!

sew nancy said...

Thanks Lillie. Yes, I hand washed a few times and then ran it though the machine. This worked out well.