Wednesday, July 13, 2011

red currant jam

We grow currants in our front yard both red and white ones. I confess I am sometimes at a loss what to do with them. So, I decided I would make some red currant jam recently. I don't have a potato masher so I mashed them a little with the fork but, if you have ever tried mashing currants with a fork it's pretty hard so I decided to just boil them up almost whole with water and sugar. I let this cook for a while on and off. I had to leave the house to pick up my boy so I first cooked it for about 45 minutes and then later for about an hour and a half. I wish I remembered the proportions. Surprisingly my currant jam came out really nice. It's thick, tastes good on toast and is nice mixed with something creamy as well.


Dacia said...

yumm! I don't think ive ever had white ones!

Pitter said...

Delicious! I can't wait to try this one at home this weekend