Tuesday, July 19, 2011

winesap beret

Right now I would rather be sitting and knitting at night then in the attic sewing which has been quite nice in the evenings. I know some people prefer to work with lighter yarns but I don't mind working with wool though I also tend to pick up my cotton yarns. I never watch television at all (really) but, I recently streamed all the episodes of Downton Abbey and really enjoyed watching it. Now I have to wait until winter for more episodes. I also like to listen to knitting podcasts while knitting. I like Never Not Knitting's podcast and I know of the Knitmore Girls but, am also interested in hearing your favorites.

I do have sewing to catch you up on though I thought today I'd show you some knitting since it's been a while.

A sweet beret knit up in Quince & Co. Chickadee in Winesap. It's for girls ages 4-8 and I think it looks so sweet on her.. I'm just going to have to keep it. We posed for Mommy in her bathing suit and a wool hat. It is summer after all. And, she may or may not have had a chocolate brownie before we took this picture.

I also knit up two pairs of baby booties that I made up in beautiful organic naturally dyed cotton and they are in my shop.

I am also almost finished with a sweater I have been knitting for a while in a color called Pop Rocks by Madelinetosh in sock yarn. It is a bright pink and I am knitting size 18-24 months. We will see how the sizing turns out because i didn't do a gauge swatch. I think it would look amazing paired with a neutral color.

I can't seem to get green and grey off the brain so I'm pretty sure my Gavotte in nutmeg may be put on hold so I can make some green pieces. I think I am all out of grey but first to finish up this pink sweater.
It is so hard not to start a new piece everyday because there are so many patterns I want to knit.


Elizabeth said...

She looks so sweet in that beret!

Sounds like you have been quite busy knitting away. Can't wait to see more :)

I love Downton Abby, and I can't wait for the new episodes. It is filmed so gorgeous, it is pure eye candy.

Dacia said...

we loved downton abbey!

jenn said...

She looks soooo cute in that hat!! Can't wait for the second half of Downton Abbey!!