Tuesday, May 17, 2011

summer playsuit

It is raining and the forecast shows rain through Saturday. I love Spring and really don't mind the rain but am imagining those sunshine filled days ahead watching her run around in playsuits so I have been sewing sweet summer outfits.

The puppet show shorts came first and then when I realized I had enough to make a top I decided to make a elastic smocked tie top to match. Oh, I really want to see how this looks but she is not trying it on but, really I can't complain. She chose to wear her Ice Cream Dress today with long sleeves underneath and leggings. That dress is so adorable and now of course I want to make another. I just can not help myself with sewing little girl clothes. She has one sweet wardrobe.

Oh, and this floral... the colors are so pretty.

I must run as the children are in the 'waiting room' waiting to put on a parade for me. It involves pots and wooden spoons.

Oops, must fix the topstitching on that pocket there.

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the fabled needle (jen) said...

Very sweet, I love the print and the pockets!