Monday, May 16, 2011

japanese street style hat

How was your weekend? Ours was a busy one but, good.
We went to a sing-a-long in the morning at Scarlet's school, followed by a trip to Purl where I had no problem using my birthday gift card and a stop into Once Upon a Tart. We then jetted to a Mayfest celebration at The Stickley Museum at Craftsmans Farms. Scarlet fell asleep on the way there so Matty and I hopped out leaving Mick and S in the car to take advantage of the last half an hour of the festival which they let us into for no charge. He had a pony ride and then the two of us got to dance the Maypole. I have always wanted to do this and it was so lovely. Matty had a permanent grin on his face the whole time. I tried to take photos but it was so hard to dance and photograph. We then made a few crafts and headed back home. On Sunday I went to a yoga class and then we drove out to Brooklyn to visit the pop up shop for Nightwood NY to look at furniture. I didn't know that Caitlin Mociun would be sharing the space and be there to chat so that was a really nice surprise. It was a nice space but, not in the most wonderful section of Brooklyn. The kids had a good time there playing with scrap wood and Caitlin said they could bring their pieces home. They were thrilled. We ended it with a dinner at our local Tinga which is my five year olds favorite restaurant.

I have been busy with sewing, knitting and cutting out patterns but, bad about photographing and showing them and am trying to make up for it today though the weather is overcast and gloomy so not the best conditions.

The hat above I knit up on Saturday night. The yarn I bought the same day at Purl and I had remembered this quick and fun kids hat pattern posted at Purl Bee. I used a natural colored aran yarn for the pom pom. S loves it and I think it will get great use this winter. All those little bright ribbons and trims and the teeny blue flowers are so fun. It reminds me of something I imagine seeing in Japan. Do you remember the magazines always showing Japanese street style?

Some fun images from the weekend

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Anonymous said...

wow you! That sounds like an amazing weekend. we need to start having adventures like those! (I'll admit I've never even been to Brooklyn. boo.)