Monday, May 2, 2011

rose garden dress

A new rose floral dress for Scarlet.

She tried it on and declared she loves it which is just the best news.

I love the collar and pocket details in this pattern. She found a perfect use for the pocket right away and stuffed her lamb in there.

I made the size up because I can see this only being worn for a bit over the next few months before it becomes too hot. I wanted to get the most use out if it.

The dress is lined in muslin and zips up the back. The pattern is the School Photo Dress which perhaps I will really have her wear it for come Autumn. I originally planned for the ruffle collar in a pale peach shantung and may still do that someday. Or maybe I will wind up using it on a blouse for me. I need to check the drape.

This dress was really fun to make which is why I am sort of addicted to Oliver + S patterns. There are just so many sweet details and everything is thought out so well. I always feel I've made something really special in the end.

She took it for a ride on her duck rocker.

And then we made some silly faces. This one being my favorite.

Last night I had to replace the zipper after she wore it because the pull just fell off. Oh, I was mad but, I quickly replaced it after finding a vintage zipper in my stash which was so much better made then the one I had purchased. I don't know why this happened. I guess it was just a poorly made zipper. Though the bonus was the zipper sewing turned out out much better the second time around.


Anonymous said...

We have the same couch :)
After two white covers we just got one in gray. Yours looks so crisp!

Amelia Plum said...

the dress looks really sweet on scarlet, it's great fabric for the pattern and i like the neckline.

liz you mention something that drives me crazy with all the shelter magazines that show famous and/or rich moms with their all white decor and how they brag that white sofas are easy for a family with children, just toss it in the wash. yeah right.

sew nancy said...

I think it's funny you all are noticing the couch. We replaced the cover in February because the last one ripped in the washing machine. Yes, even white is hard to keep clean.
You two with your sharp eyes didn't notice the dressmaking pin in the cuff of the sleeve. I just noticed that today. Thankfully she didn't get stuck