Wednesday, January 19, 2011

relief applique chair pillow

The Alabama Chanin relief applique chair pillow I started last July has been finished. It was a nice slow project that I really enjoyed picking up here and there. The creams are so rich and the embroidery mixed with the raised stencil shapes gives it so much texture. I couldn't be more happy with the finished result. This was bought as a kit from the Alabama Chanin website. I really can't recommend this project enough if this style is your sort of thing.

This project is on the list. I can't wait to get started on it

There are so many good kits to choose from like these flowers. I could go on.

In the books recipes are included. I love that.


melissa said...

it's beautiful, nancy! i love all those creams together, and the gentle texture of the finished surface.

beki said...

That is gorgeous! I love everything Alabama Chanin style :) I've had some sort of relief/reverse applique pillow on my agenda for a while now. Last summer I collected various shades of white, gray, and off-white jersey to make it happen, but it never did. Maybe this will be the year!!

rebecca said...

Very cool! I had checked that book out last summer and so wanted to dig in with a little project! your chair pillow is inspiring!

Dacia said...

wow that is really truly amazing! I love white on white. it looks like a project that would take forever so congrats on finishing it!