Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my best girl sweater

Mommy, I love you. You're my best girl.

This is called 'my best girl' sweater because of the above words that my little one says to me a few times a day, every day.
She's my best girl too. What more could I ask for in a best friend. Awwww.

And, this was her sweater for Christmas. It's an organic merino wool and nice and soft. I just love the brightness of the red colourway which is called chili pepper.

The Ravelry link is here.

This lollipop ornament seems to have gone missing. I can't wait to find where she hid it.


kristi said...

this is so stinkin' cute! oh my gosh. so many of your things i want in a grown-up size. and this is definitely one of them. :) hope you had a lovely new year! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me want to have a little girl that I can craft for! So sweet.