Friday, January 21, 2011

papier mache birds

Oh, these were fun!

A long time ago Alicia was making these birds and I was sad I didn't snap one up when she was selling them. Fast forward some time and she sold them as kits. I purchased one and it sat and sat. Last week I got inspired to make them and so on those cold chilly afternoons while his sister was napping Matty and I got to work. It took 3 days because you have to allow for drying time. Crocheting the necklaces with wire was one of my favorite parts.

Both my kids are learning about birds in school. M is in his third year of preschool and he has had a visiting bird teacher every year who comes in much like a music teacher and does lessons with them Outside the windows of his classroom are bird feeders. The first year there he used to sit in the rocking chair and look at books a lot and watch for birds- so sweet. Ms. S is in her first year and goes two mornings. This month her lessons and craft projects are about birds. So, I thought this would be a good project to reinforce what they are learning about.

Ms. S has decided the pink one is hers of course since that is her favorite color, Matty's favorite color is yellow so that one is his. I chose blue and green for Mick. Now we have a sweet little family of birds.

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