Monday, January 10, 2011

poem pillow

I wanted to make a black and white pillow for a while. Something with a bit of vintage and text. I didn't fully form the idea beforehand. Instead, I just worked on it and let my instincts guide me as I went. I had some organic cotton jersey for the main fabric and a piece of lace I wanted to use which I wound up putting on one side of the envelope back. The front has a cotton doily handed down from my Mom that belonged to her Mother or Grandmother.

I was quite influenced by the romantic poets back in my college days. I had one very 'colorful' poetry teacher (he was a real gentleman)who I will never forget- an absolute perfect teacher for the course. At the time I was in my black and white period wearing knee - length slips with cardigans and tights to class and kohl rimmed eyes. I was 21 and invincible. Anyway, my fondness of Keats came back after seeing Bright Star in the theater so I decided to use some text from one of his poems (On the Grasshopper and Cricket) which I incorporated into the piece.

The poetry of earth is never dead:
When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,
And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run
from hedge to hedge about the new mown-mead;

The rest is here.

On the back I dedicated the pillow to my Great Grandmother - Mary Donaldson.

I really like this idea of a dedication pillow and toying with different ideas incorporating these elements as well as photographs.

My Mom often brings me linens: embroidered, appliqued that were made by her Grandmother and they are really special to me. For Christmas I received two embroidered tea cozies and a stack of vintage hankies. I wanted to give something back somehow and this was what resulted.


melissa said...

that is totally gorgeous, nancy! i love the poem- the whole pillow has a very classic and romantic feel. i had a similar 'black and white' period when i was a student- i'm often tempted to revisit that style..

the fabled needle (jen) said...

i love it! i was thinking of making some new pillow covers with vintage doilies on them but never would have thought of such an ingenious idea.

the fabled needle (jen) said...

...the ingenious idea being the poem. :)

Lauren said...

hi nancy.. how did you get the words on the fabric? i love this by the way..

sew nancy said...

Thank you.

I use a paper backed adhesive which I iron onto muslin and cut into standard paper size. I then put in into my typewriter and typed away. I then cut it into the size I wanted (I used pinking shears) and then peeled away the paper and ironed onto the pillow.

Do you girls think I should sell these?

Dacia said...

this is SO lovely! Gorgeous! good work!