Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

A new year. A new dress made from leftover fabric of one I made for myself. The servant dress designed by Lynne at Sugar City because she outgrew her white one.

Another version of the same dress made as a tunic.

The mark of my blog turning four years old.

A few resolutions:

Start reading books again... good thing I joined that book club last month to keep me on track.
Take better photographs.
Work harder on the garden this year and maybe try to grow a dye garden and lots more flowers.
Challenge myself in one new direction by learning a new skill. Undecided yet on which one but here a few I'd like to try:
Learn French. I think Japanese would be wonderful too. Learn to paint with watercolors. Take a flower arranging class. Learn ceramics.
Continue to exercise on a regular basis.
Go to at least 3 flea markets. I have been missing them like crazy the past few years.
Go on a vacation already! It's been almost 5 years people.

I would also love to re-do the den and build a patio but we will see.

Happy New Year.


Brad Fallon said...

Cute little kid, I love her dress. Happy new year!

Lauren said...

Happy New Year! Adorable dress and great list!

Amelia Plum said...

happy new year! that dress is totally adorable, as is miss s. i'd like the exact same thing in my size. i love the grey color.

leslie said...

completely gorgeous and the colour is perfection!

melissa said...

that dress is absolutely gorgeous (and so is your miss s.)
happy new year to you- and happy blog-birthday, too!