Monday, December 20, 2010

winter knitting

I have been knitting a lot and feeling guilty about not sewing much. I start things, cut out projects, sew small projects ( a new draft snake, lavender sachets... ) and then leave the attic where the heat is sometimes there and sometimes not. I think when it's really really cold it stays warm all the time and maybe I should just drag the space heater up there to work after the holidays because I've been really missing it. Then of course I'll go on a sewing spree and feel guilty that I'm not knitting.

I have to say settling down under quilts is really really nice especially at the end of these busy days in the quiet house and just being still.

I've got a sweater for Scarlet on the needles right now and if the stars align I should have it finished by Christmas.

Here are a few of the projects though that I've managed to photograph.

Toast (pictured above)

I decided to go down a few needles size and used Rowan Felted Tweed DK. I wanted something tweedy but this is not the softest wool. Maybe it will soften after blocking? In any case, I still like them. I've knit this pattern a few times and I can never have enough fingerless mittens. I like to accessorize.

A hand knit alpaca/wool collar that made it's way into the shop today.

*I may or may not be done with cookie baking though I still need to glaze the vanilla and citrus sugar cookies. Other then those I've made gingerbread cookies and those peanut butter blossoms with help from the family. I'm planning some olive oil rosemary bread this week for Christmas day which I'm hosting this year. I must admit I am most excited about the Buche de Noel that I ordered. It is so so pretty. I will be sure to take photos of it and maybe some of those cookies because my cookies are pretty too.

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Lauren said...

Def take photos of your cookies! I've been inspired and have my baking apron on. You should sew aprons.. I'd buy them!