Friday, December 17, 2010

paper scrap papier-mache balls

These papier-mache balls were originally intended for a different project but, when I came across this box of paper scraps I received from Sharilyn of Lovely Design a new idea came to me. I decided to take the paper scraps and glue them to these pretty round boxes which I had bought here.If this store is new to you please take a look around because there are so many wonderful things there.

The inside of the ball is so pretty too:

For gift giving these can be filled with small treats- candy, tiny finger puppets, stickers, tiny flowers, little mushrooms, jewelry, erasers or whatever your little or big one is into.

I plan to give one to each of my kids this year.

The best part - I have lots more of these paper scraps for more crafting adventures ahead. And these can be used over and over again. What will they find next year inside?


Elizabeth said...

Hi Nancy,

Yes I have been to Laduree in person many times, since I was so fortunate to get to live in Paris for two years. The stores are truly something to behold!! The colors alone are eye candy. They don't let you take pictures inside though sadly. I think they had the best croissants ever!!! When I saw that they came out with a cookbook, I knew I had to hunt it down.

Love your little surprise balls, I'm sure the kids will be so thrilled to get them.

Happy Holidays!!

melissa said...

oh- those ball-boxes are very cool!

Dacia said...

so cute!