Thursday, December 9, 2010

craft room curtain

I made a curtain for my craft room. It's a pretty dark room with only one window so I wanted something that would diffuse the light.

I decided it was time to put away the piece of fabric that was hanging there though I miss the lavender clouds with the french writing the piece had sun damage. I've always wanted to incorporate vintage handkerchiefs into a curtain. I remember long ago having a conversation at work with someone whose sister had done so and had already amassed a collection of my own. I'm happy to have finally tried it out.

I used muslin and sewed on 6 handkerchiefs. I wanted it to be mostly pale in shades so most of them just have embroidery in the corners or lace edging. For the top I just made a pocket for the rod to fit through. The one with the blue edging was made by my Nana.


Dacia said...

this is so perfect and cute!!

the fabled needle (jen) said...

pretty! i have something similar in my kitchen though there are only hankies and no backing so it's a bit delicate.

happy holidays, sweets! stay warm and cozy and eat lots of good food and enjoy lots of good hugs!

*talk* to you soon.