Monday, December 6, 2010

doll dress with matching hat

This doll dress was quite fun to sew up. All the tiny seams, the collar and puff sleeves.
A matching bonnet was made too.
The pattern is still Simplicity 4707.
I found the red thread afterwards but I don't mind the white stitching on the red ric rac portion.
I used stick-on velcro on the back for a closure- it works well and is great for little ones to dress the dolls.
I do hope she likes all these doll clothes but, I'm not expecting much. I know she will like them but, of course it's not going to elicit the exact same response as this. She has wanted one of those for at least a year. It's the only thing she asked Santa for. Well that and a real horse which unfortunately she's not getting this year.

I think this may be it for the doll clothes for Christmas.

* A sweater was knit for her Purl Rabbit. The rabbit raglan sweater and the pattern for that is here


Amy said...

good gracious! this is absolutely beautiful! I made one dress for Lucy's doll. I haven't made another. I don't enjoy all the tiny seams. I wish I did!

kristi said...

someday she will treasure them, even if she does react more to the horse. and WOW. i wish i had known about the rody last year. rhys would have flipped over one of those. but don't want to get him one now since he's well past 3 at this point... :(

Siga said...

The fabric is sooo cute. Love the dress!