Friday, March 19, 2010


I decided to knit this little top for S and since it is made for a older girl I went down two needle sizes *using a six rather then a 8* and it worked out well.

The yarn is a merino plant dyed color that I bought at Sheep & Wool this past Fall. The color reminds me of ballet slippers.

Design: The boatneck collar is a bit floppy but, I like it. I forgo ribbing at the sleeves and did not do the color changes that were in the pattern. The hem is finished by sewing the bottom up making it a bit elastic. It's showing a bit here... not sure if I should try & re-sew it down. A vintage wood button that is decorative completes it.

Overall: I really like the way this turned out. A nice and easy pattern to follow. A good Spring/Fall piece. Perfect for right now.

She is wearing this dress underneath. I made that a year and a half ago for the size she is now.

-Free pattern from J Casa Handmade and can be found here. Thanks for sharing it with us Jennifer.


mallorymurray said...

Your projects are always so beautiful and your little girl is just darling!

amy said...

Such a sweet look!

Helen190390 said...

That is so cute! i would love to knit! i can only plain knit. :(