Tuesday, March 16, 2010

flutter by

A top that (almost) drove me crazy. That I spend too much time struggling with last week. Perhaps because I was tired and being too stubborn to rest.

I wanted to sew and that was that.

A front and back band with facing no longer. I've sewn facings a dozen times without problems. Now, finished by chopping that facing band right off. Hooray! And, fixed with handmade seam binding. Perfect.

A little gingham top to run around the front yard this summer picking berries and eating as fast as she can until Mama and Dada say 'no more' for now. The sleeves all a flutter. Gingham and summer go so well together.

-Puppet show shorts made for her birthday using Oliver + S Pattern.


carrie said...

i am so feeling that need to sew, too. the top is really cute...i can't believe how big she is getting!

jenn said...

Oh, look at her! I love her swoopy hair. That top is adorable. Worth the struggle!

Elizabeth said...

don't you hate struggling with facings that you could swear you followed all the instructions, and why the devil doesn't it fit! Looks like you solved the problem, and it turned out real cute. Love, Love gingham!

rebekka said...

Oh wow...I know it was a lot of work, but what a GORGEOUS and perfect top!!! Did you use a pattern for that one, or did you make it up? I really love it! Would almost like one in an adult size!

melissa said...

ack! i love it SO much!

kristi said...

what an adorable top. and i can't believe how big she is. wow.