Monday, March 1, 2010

shalom cardigan

I have a new sweater! Were you wondering if I've been knitting? Well, of course! I also have another finished piece blocking right now as well but, for today we will talk about the sweater.

I was playing peek- a -boo with my daughter here. One must entertain while taking pictures for your blog. You know, I actually really love playing peek-a -boo.

It is Shalom, a free pattern from Meghan of Involving the Senses. A pretty popular pattern and a rather easy knit. I added long sleeves and a few extra buttons to it. The wool is Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool in a nice creamy natural shade and is quite inexpensive. I have enough of the second ball to knit a baby/toddler sweater.

The inspiration for this sweater was Amanda who knit this in the same yarn but with a different sleeve.

I managed to knit it up in 8 days while also working on other projects though some may say I'm a fast knitter I really don't think so. I do get slowed down on those darn dpn's though when I was working the sleeves. I really need to learn the magic loop.


blazedanielle said...

Cute!! I love cream sweaters! Yours is beautiful!!

Denise said...

Changes the whole look of that pattern with the long sleeves. I have it in my Rav queue and I think I will move it up a few dozen notches.

rebekka said...

It's just wonderful!!!