Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One of my favorite artists Ann Wood designed the pattern for these sailboats. If you are not already familiar with Ann you should definitely check out her blog.

This was a slow project.. meaning we worked on it slowly over the course of January. 3 out of four of our family members took part in it. I started it by assembling the boat from a cereal box. Mick did the decoupage. Matty painted it. Then I added the sails, patches and string.

It was nice to have a project that we could all enjoy and take part in. Also, it was very interesting to the four year seeing it all come together and he is quite proud of them as you can see.


Dacia said...

those are great! I want to make one!

amy said...

those are so cute! and he looks so proud!

melissa said...

you have been making some amazing stuff lately! i love these boats. so cool to have a whole-family project like that. and your son is so cute in this picture.