Sunday, January 17, 2010

sweet doll clothes

My Mom made another trip to the attic and found some more handmade vintage doll clothes.

This sweet embroidered dress fits Scarlet's new baby doll, Emma, from Aunt Sue very nicely. I love the detailing and the little pink deer.

This pink blouse is also so nicely hand stitched and very pretty.

little pants

a skirt that needs it's elastic fixed

an apron

There was also a few crocheted hats and a vest though those looked to be from the 70's by different hands and these here seem to be from the 1940's or early 1950's

There is cold/flu in this house and I wish it to be gone.


Propriatress of MAD Stitches said...

Vintage doll clothes are the best! The little gingham apron is so sweet. You just can't get doll clothes now like they had way back when. We have lots of vintage doll clothes around here too, we love them. --I hope you are able to banish your colds and flu. Feel bettter

Fine Little Day said...

What a great collection. That sure is a soft spot for me, vintage doll clothes.

Dacia said...

cuteness! all of it!