Monday, January 25, 2010


I've always liked seeing other people's collections.
When Juliana recently posted about her brooch collection it spurred me to show you mine.
I didn't include the metal flowers here and I'm sure there are a few others pinned on clothing in that unruly closet of mine.

Some of these belonged to my grandmothers, others I bought over the years or were given to me.

A few other things I collect: bell jars, old salt and pepper shakers, vintage hats, antique clear bottles, pretty teacups, old linens and lace.

What do you collect?


melissa said...

i love your collection of brooches. especially that sweet little mushroom!
i like to collect old fabrics and tablecloths. and for christmas a friend gave me some vintage owl salt and pepper shakers and i'm wondering if they will need some friends!?

carrie said...

i guess you could say i collect vintage fabric--but then i use it up! my tiny apartment doesn't allow for many collections. i am really loving your mushroom brooch!