Monday, October 19, 2009

ny sheep and wool

We drove up to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool on Saturday. An event I had been looking forward to for months. We almost didn't go because bad weather had been predicted but, the rain held off which made for a decent day although not quite like the gorgeous upstate sunny October day I had in mind.

I got to spend a good 5 hours there poking around looking at the animals, wool and crafty vendors. Believe it or not 5 hours was not enough to see it all. I wish that the event was more organized because I find it is hard to locate some specific products (when you have something in mind) and also people. For example, Ysolda was there but she wasn't listed in the directory and I could not find her and had really wanted to meet her.

I was also looking for someone selling natural wool stuffing (nope though I probably walked right by it ). Icelandic wool.. I finally found right before we had to head out. I was very happy to see Sunbridge College there again but didn't make it there until I was leaving and I had about a minute to pick a skein and leave. They had little plant dye kits that I would have loved to try with the kids. Maybe I can make one myself.

What I walked away with- some wool (of course) but, not nearly enough (is it ever enough?), one fat quarter of red felt, a nicely made neck pillow, delicious cheese, a deep red wool dress, roving.

What I wish I had gotten - more wool specifically the right shade of red wool (couldn't find one), a nice fingering weight wool for another project, more worsted weight, more wool felt, wool stuffing.
Also, really would love to see demonstrations next time, try spinning and where was the suri/alpaca wool. Also would have liked to spend more time talking to the alpacas and sheep. Ms. S adored the sheep. And, I fell hard for those Aflac Ducks.

I was so worked up from the day I could not fall asleep that night. Yes, you read that correctly. My sister in law Sue described me as a 'kid in a candy store.' I would have to agree.

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Amelia Plum said...

Ooooh, that top photo of merino wool as big as my head looks lovely, such beautiful colors. And I love the yarns in the photo right below it.