Monday, October 26, 2009

for me and for you

I've a lot to catch up on here.
Today, some of my new knits.

One for me, two for you.

I've been wanting a forest green cowl for a year. I loved the one I made last year so I used that pattern again.
It's the Dolores Park Cowl and is made with lovely Malabrigo yarn.

And, two new things for the shop which shall be added this morning.

A soft and warm merino wool grey capelet

and brown alpaca baby booties for new baby toes.

-I'm working on so many things simultaneously and have many works in progress. One of them is the patchwork scarf from Carefree Clothes for Girls. The book has been making the blog rounds and for good reason. It's lovely. This project is very fun and I used some vintage real silver thread which is pretty amazing that I bought a while ago from Tinsel Trading.
A dress almost finished for Ms. S that has been planned for quite some time. Some quilting and lots of knitting and a few others.
I need to put some final touches on Scarlet's Halloween costume and see if I can pull something together for myself. We'll see.
I'm getting excited though. Halloween is a favorite of mine.


kristi said...

so so pretty! xo

Amelia Plum said...

do you have any recommendations - books? youtube videos? magazines? to pick up new knitting stitches? I learned to cast on and bind off via youtube. love the green cowl. i am now fully aware of the addictive qualities of knitting.

6p00e54f827cbd8833 said...

love it all! you've been so productive lately!

Unfurled said...

Excellent knitting! I got your message about old English knitting needle sizes, and you can find a whole conversion here:
All the best!

sew nancy said...

ms. amelia plum
i would suggest just picking a book you like out at the bookstore and finding one with illustrations of stitches. if the illustrations don't make sense you can go to you tube to view someone doing it. try not to watch the ones with the fake big nails- very distracting.
also, i would stick with size 7 or 8 needles or bigger for a little while.
oh, and of course you should sign up for ravelry take a look around
Have fun!

Claire Louise Milne said...

Lovely knits! I've been wanting to make a cowl too. I found errata for that sock pattern (linked on my blog) on Ravelry, you can email me if you can't find them. Also my Ravelry name is needlebook.

Jennifer said...

Your knitting is so beautiful. Love it!