Tuesday, October 13, 2009

capelets and cupcakes

A few more capelets.

-That's Liberty of London corduroy lining. You will see that pop up again on a dress.

Ms. S is happy to model for you.

Some applesauce spice cupcakes I made yesterday from the Martha Stewart Cupcake book I won from Elizabeth. I made the cake stand this summer with some nice glass pieces picked up at a church sale. So easy and pretty. The cupcakes are pretty good but wasn't overly excited about the recommended frosting -brown sugar and cream cheese.


Sharon said...

love the capelets...do adults wear them or just kiddies? so cute..

jen said...

cuuuuuute!! and liberty too, yum.

Elizabeth said...

Cute little cape Nancy :)
I'm getting ready to make some cupcakes from the book for Halloween. Most likely chocolate....I must go and check the book and see which one would be the best.