Thursday, July 9, 2009

walking in the garden

On Tuesday night Scarlet surprised us with walking. At first I wasn't sure if this was real because a few weeks ago she had taken 8 then 13 steps but, then stopped only taking maybe 4 somedays. But, Tuesday she was ready. I had blown up some balloons and was throwing them across the room and asked her if she would get one and bring it to me. Normally, when I suggest her to walk she turns her head to one side and says 'no' pretty defiantly. So, I was surprised when she did walk and then she just kept going back and forth in the room. We quickly grabbed the camera and made a little video.

She is now walking all over the house and it is so unbelievably sweet. I forgot what babies look like when they start walking and how proud they feel. She has been grinning and giggling as she goes.

I took some photos of her outside today. She took a walk along the flowers stopping to admire them.

I recently knit this sweater for her. It is so incredibly soft and I love this color on her. It's Malabrigo Yarn in Damask Rose. I have another sweater on the needles for her right now. Little sweaters are so satisfying and I may have to do one or two more. I also have plans to start a new one for me soon and if I ever find the pattern with my notes to finish one I started last Fall.


Elizabeth said...

What a cutie! The sweater looks so soft and dreamy, very pretty.

jenn said...

oh gosh, I didn't realize that she was so new to walking on Wednesday! She was an old pro!

kristi said...

congrats on the walking! now let the craziness begin. oh wait, maybe that's just me, because our 3rd baby became a pure maniac once he started walking (er, i mean running).

she is so sweet. i can't get over it. it's just ridiculous how cute! those little bare feet...oh!

Jennifer said...

The sweater is sbeautiful. How do you get so much knitting done with little ones around? That's why I do more sewing since becoming a mother. It's much faster.

Amy said...

My baby just started walking too. And I am the proud owner of a new baby gate. What a beautiful sweater on an even more beautiful girl!

Fine Little Day said...

So she´s walking, how fun :)

Love the sweater.