Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the birds

During the school year, Matty learned a lot about birds. There was a volunteer who would come and teach the kids about different types of birds. Each child would get to hold a stuffed animal that made it's bird call or a card that showed the name of the bird with a picture. Then the children would match them up.

There is also a bird feeder right outside the window and M's teacher told me how much my little guy loves to sit in the rocking chair looking at books and watching them come to eat.

I also love birds so it's been nice to have something to discuss besides trucks;) I think it would be nice to go on one of those nature bird walks with him someday.

A few months ago I made a whole armload of birds. These have buttons on the front and loops on the back for hanging.

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Elizabeth said...

I just put up a bird feeder, for the first time of my life,and so far I haven't seen any little birdies :( Maybe they are sneaking in when I'm not looking.