Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ribbon dress

Ms. S you are such a sweet and funny little one....

I love how you bounce up and down to music you like even when you are sitting down.
I love how you always hold my hand and make sure it is set just the way you like and lead me wherever you want to go making sure that you are understood by yelling and tugging if I go in a direction you don't want me to.
I love the sound of your laugh when I tickle your side or the middle of your neck.
I love how sometimes when I try to sneak in a tiny bit of knitting or read something you lean over bringing your face to my view and say Mama looking at me with your big blue eyes.
I love how you used to know where your tummy is but now you always point to your toes instead.
I love how you say Mama all the time but rarely Dada which is nice because your brother said Dada forever before he said Mama.
I love how you insist on feeding yourself although when you have mastered the spoon consistently it will open up so much more for you.
I love your tiny wisps of hair. I still can't believe you are blond.

I love so many things about you my sweet baby girl and I am addicted to making you clothes.

Scarlet is wearing Atelier Akiko fabric in Ribbon Stripe from here. Sundress pattern by Habitual. Made by me.


Anonymous said...

so sweet. u make me weep for the angry words i yelled at my 8 year old today because u remind me i feel all those yummy things for her too. but i forgot all that yummy in the moment.

mushroommeadows said...

awwww...your description of miss S is lovely; she already looks so cute in the pictures but these little facts make her sound even more super adorable. :) lucky you! :) (oh, the the ribbon dress rocks!)

Fine Little Day said...

Sweet indeed :)

Denise said...

How about the baby smell that is the finest perfume in all the world? My girl is 16 and sometimes I still get a whiff of baby when I give her a big hug (which is whenever I can). Dress is so cute: sometimes I consider how to stuff my big girl into these cute baby things you make.