Wednesday, August 27, 2008

working on inventory

I've got a lot of sewing projects in the beginning stages. Some girl clothes, a skirt for me, patchwork etc. but, I am also always making to sell as well and don't really show these projects much.

Here is a smock in progress that I just finished running through the sewing machine. Sometimes it is hard to make the same item over and over but, using different fabrics and really believing in the product helps. And, I really do think the smocks are wonderful items as they can be worn in so many ways.

Oh, and the magnetic pin cushion/holder is one of my favorite things and always at my side when sewing. So easy to place your pins there as you remove them. If you don't have one I highly recommend it. Oh, and yes I did finally get a self healing cutting mat a few months back. How in the world did I live without one so long?


*karen said...

I have a magnetic pin cushion just like that. Pretty and practical

carrie said...

i need to get one of those---then maybe i'd stop stepping on my pins...