Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I finished knitting Ysolda's Urchin hat yesterday. I used the same dusty pink yarn as called for in the pattern and it was so dreamy. It is Knit Global's Shetland Flame. The thick pieces are so soft and the thin strands in it were like silk thought they are actually rayon. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 using this yarn. I never knit a hat sideways before and it was good to do something different. I liked the rhythmic counting of the short rows and it was just perfect for a little project for myself- I like to do something for myself now and again. Cloud Bolero might be my next Ysolda knit. I am also fond of the new sweater, Leisl. Matilda Jane and Snow White are also stunning. Go have a look.
A little dark chocolate added in while knitting and you have perfection.

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kristi said...

hats are on my to-try list for knitting. i love pink, and this shade is especially beautiful!