Monday, August 11, 2008

into the woods bag

Ah, the days of leaving the house with a small bag. Just a few items and off and away.
My Mom's bermuda bag which I inherited/stole from her years ago.
Two tiny mushrooms embroidered while my two little ones slept one day last week.
One a little bigger then the other.
Turn your back and they just might grow.

-Yesterday, as we came home from a dinner out with the kids there was a rabbit hopping around in the grass. It was the first time Little M saw a rabbit 'in the wild' and he turned to me and said:

Is that Peter?

My heart just about melted with joy and I told him:

Maybe... it just might be him


kristi said...

what a cute bag! i hear you on those long ago days of small purses. i savor the rare date nights alone with my hubby when i can carry a purse that holds only lipstick and my phone! :)

kristin said...

i love the story of the rabbit. how precious. (cute bag, too!)

amy said...

sweet purse and even sweeter story!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, I'd bet it was Peter! Children have such a wonderful view of the world, don't they? When my daughter was 2, she saw the moon (you know how it sometimes shows up when it's light out) and reached up for it. "I go get it for you!" is what she said. Yep, they can melt your heart!

Sweet little bag, too!

Dyan said...

I love good bunny stories and the little pure is so darling - I have a weakness for wooden handles.