Friday, June 13, 2008

the storm

We had a very crazy storm on Tuesday night that came and left very quickly but took our power away for 2 days. Many still do not have power and some got it back and then lost it again. There are trees down all over. Trees on cars, trees on houses. We are all fine (thank goodness) and our garden amazingly was not damaged. I hated to throw all the food away especially since we did a trip to Whole Foods and I had made homemade pesto and some other things.

I learned the hard way how hard it is to knit by candlelight and have spent so much time knitting and un-knitting a mitten the past few days. I mean so much time it's ridiculous. I've also been sewing clouds with wax paper on and off for a few weeks now. I can't get a decent photo but I'll try again.

Every day we go strawberry picking sometimes twice a day. There are that many. I'm hoping to make jam and pies this weekend. I also want to paint the kitchen. I tend to start out very ambitious on Friday's.

Here are some zucchini blossoms and a chive blossom. I thought they were awful pretty and so much nicer then the piles of unfinished sewing and knitting projects laying around.


Jessica said...

I, too, start out ambitious on fridays! Nothing like the start of the weekend to be filled with creativity. I hope your jam making goes well...its a couple of more weeks before it is strawberry season here.

mushroommeadows said...

But knitting by candlelight sounds so romantic! :)