Monday, June 16, 2008

sewing for s

I made a new dress for Ms. S and I'm pretty excited about it. First off, I didn't use a pattern. I just based it on one of her dresses and made it a little bigger and longer and skipped the pocket. Two things I didn't do perfect were:

1) I put a facing in but, should have sewn the side seams first. I kind of knew that in the back of my mind but it turned out fine anyway because of the way things lined up.
2) My buttonholes will not be winning any beauty contests. I read the directions and practiced a few times and I just wasn't getting it on my new Pfaff. I need to work on figuring this out. Also, it might not be good to be learning new skills on the new machine at 11 PM.

This should fit for a good long while as it's a jumper. I've expressed my feelings about jumpers before. Hmm... sewing without patterns I almost feel a little like a real dressmaker.

P.S.It was a challenge to get a photo of S this morning without her hands in her mouth or the dress. I told her the dress was not for eating
P.P.S That is okay though because she is so darn cute.
P.P.P. S. I made 2 strawberry rhubarb pies (one is more like a tart) and Mick made jam (but it didn't turn out quite right so now it's strawberry sauce & we will be trying jam again soon) and I finally picked the paint color for the kitchen and Mick started to paint so that' something. We also did a bunch of other stuff including our first trip to the town pool (what fun!)

-Yeah, I just noticed that the nesting dolls are not facing up and I should of cut the other way. I still think it's cute though.


kristi said...

that fabric is adorable! very impressive to be sewing without a pattern (or, in my case, even WITH a pattern...all sewing that doesn't involve semi-straight lines is beyond my capabilities, i am thinking...).

your baby is SO cute. i love how in these photos she just stares at the camera. rhys used to do he is all about trying to grab it before i can snap a shot. :)

Amelia Plum said...

I love the fabric and Scarlet looks very cute in the dress. Hey I was listening to NPR the other day and they had on the guy that did you garden in your new home. Pretty cool to listen to, you should look for it on their website - it was studio 360 on Sunday.

mushroommeadows said...

You did an ABSOLUTELY wonderful job! SO CUTE!!! I like the way the dolls are facing, by the way! :)

kristin said...

i thought that you did the fabric the way you did on purpose. it looks great. i wish i had the heart to do some super sewing. oh well- maybe someday :)

amy said...

the dress is so cute! and so is the baby!

Dacia said...

love it!