Wednesday, June 25, 2008

kimono top

A kimono for Ms. S that I managed to sew over the past day with the help of not one but, two coordinated naps. This never happens. It came together rather quick except for the binding which I finished by hand sewing it on. I'm waiting for her to wake up so I can try it on (didn't get around to it). I suspect it will be too big (it's size 6-12 M) which I'd be rather happy about as we all know babies grow.

I've just begun making my own binding and I must say I think I could get addicted to this. I know that has been said before by other crafters and now I understand why. Oh, the possibilities and fun one could have with this gets me going. I didn't even bother to read the directions on the Clover seam binding maker I bought but, I figured it out. Woohoo! Plus, I had this little tool that came from my Great Aunt that helped me push it through. I don't think it's an awl from what I can tell looking at them online but, it worked and so that's cool.

Anyway, I just love kimonos. Little M wore one for his first birthday and it was amazing. It had little toys and tigers on it. Speaking of tigers we went to the zoo today. I have such mixed feeling about zoo's. I feel bad for the animals.

Okay, I'm beat now and I'm going to sit down and knit for most likely two whole minutes before they wake up.

-Yeah, I'm actually finishing this post hours later as I got about 1 second after that last sentence.
- The pattern is from here with a few modifications.
-The fabric I believe is from Timeless Treasures but, I can't find it online right now. It reminds me a little of giant swirly lollipops and also of pinwheels.


amy said...

so cute! and yes, making your own binding is so the way to go!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful - love the fabric!

Amelia Plum said...

that's an adorable kimono. great fabric and binding. thanks for including links to the pattern and letting us know where you got the fabric. scarlet is one lucky girl

Dacia said...


Carrie said...

so adorable, nancy! i can't wait to see it on little s!

Anonymous said...

I've just started a Flickr group to collect kimono creations - please stop by and add your photos!