Tuesday, March 11, 2008

spring smocks

I am working on shop updates for Mackey Blue and my Etsy shop which I realize does seem a bit of a crazy undertaking with a newborn and upcoming move but, so far it's working out. One of the items I've been making are these toddler smocks which I first showed here

I've got about 7 new smocks done (they sew up very fast).

I'm thinking smocks for both shops and

-felted items & brooches for Etsy (more on this later)

-dolls, onesies & bobbies *and hopefully brooches and dresses* for Mackey Blue.

I don't think all this will happen this month. My outlook is whatever gets done in the next week or two works for now and the rest I will finish up once we settle a bit in the new house.


carrie said...

i can barely make enough for one shop--let alone two, and take care of a family. i think i need to take some time management lessons from you! i can't wait to see the new smocks

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw some of your wares at Mackey Blue on Saturday. Lovely!