Tuesday, March 4, 2008

daisy bag

I've been wanting to make a shoulder bag for a while now. I had planned to draft my own pattern which I will try to do at some point because I have a specific idea of one I want. I just haven't the time to do that lately (understandable, right?). I found Lula Louise through the blog world and really liked the way her reversible shoulder bag looked so I went for it. I used Katie Jump Rope which I love so it's a lightweight bag . I must say I am very fond of the daisies on the outside and the stripes/dots on the inside and most likely will not reverse it. I think this would also be nice in a thicker sturdier fabric but, I don't plan to carry heavy things around in the Spring/Summer days ahead. I am thinking a corduroy mixed with a plaid for the fall.


carrie said...

very cute! thanks for the link---maybe i'll try one, too!

Laura B said...

this bag is beautiful, I love the fabric! i see you got a new machine too, happy sewing. i used one at art school but never really mastered it :)

amy said...

i love the bag. the fabric choices are great!