Friday, January 25, 2008


I finished up the ragdoll from Mailorder #6 today. I had been stitching a little here and there on her over the past few weeks. I think she turned out very sweet. My favorite part was making her dress, bloomers and pinafore.
It will be a good gift for the little girl one day once she is ready for dolls.

Perhaps I should have thrown down a blanket for her to lie on so she would have been more cozy for her photo session rather then the wood floor although this is how she will be more realistically left someday...heehee

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


amy said...

oh my goodness nancy! she is adorable!

Nancy said...

oh she's lovely!

i love your blog! is it TOO nerdy that I'm excited to find a fellow crafty Nancy who is 35 weeks pregnant with a girl just like I am? um, I even have a cold too (though it sounds like yours is worse). i promise I'm not copying you, though. I hope you feel better and find a lovely home soon.

Erica-Jane said...


your rag doll is so cute!
You're about the same pregnant as me, so I feel or you. I hope you get moved in somewhere cozy soon :0)