Wednesday, January 23, 2008

baby sewing and knitting

I've been preparing little by little for the baby but, am nowhere near ready at 4 weeks to go. Last week was laundry for the baby (still some more to do) but, I was just so tired of looking at all these plain white side snaps so I appliqued some birds to a few yesterday and they are putting a little smile on my face. I'd like to do some more applique before she comes. The race is on.

I'm also knitting away on her wrap cardigan that I hope to finish pre-arrival. I changed the pattern a little. I made an error early on with increasing that was not clear to me in the instructions (there are 2 bands that are not 3x2 ribbing) that I realized late in the game but, I'm just going with it and calling it a decorative

It is hard for me to not have many things going at once so I will show you a few other things I've been working on soon.

Part of me thinks I should have titled this in the world do I get anything done?
I'm still sick, house-hunting, 9 months pregnant, hardly sleeping due to being so uncomfortable and Little M is not napping anymore.


asti said...

Not long now. I remember the last few weeks....expectancy, denial,excitement, tiredness and panic, you name it....Virtual hugs (not to presumptuous from a stranger i hope!)..Love the applique by the way :)

Amelia Plum said...

I love the onesies with the bird applique, so cute and great fabric for them too. Sorry to hear you're still sick, it's no fun to be house hunting while pregnant I'd imagine, and being sick with little m giving up naps on top of it must not be fun at all. I hope you come upon your dream home soon and that little m comes to the realization that he needs a nap. Feel better.

carrie said...

oh wow--4 weeks left?! looks like you're making some cute stuff for the little one. feel better!

Amy said...

I feel your pain. I'm 31 1/2 weeks and I have nearly nothing done. I keep begging the hub to get the bassinet out of the attic so I can measure it for new bedding, but that hasn't happened yet. So much to do and I'm getting less and less mobile. Ack!
I can't even imagine moving during this time. Poor you!
I love the appliqué!

amy said...

the onesies are adorable. i am impressed by how much you are getting done! i hope you feel better soon! did you get my email?