Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grandma Jaleelie's Crochet

My Grandma, Jaleelie who is my Dad's Mom was an avid crocheter and she made a lot of items for me when I was young. She made a few boy things as well for my brothers but, not as much. Little M has worn a few of her things and the vests were especially cute on him as a baby.

Here are some lovely crocheted baby girl items I've inherited that I can't wait to put the little one in.

This bonnet just needed a ribbon and it's ends sewn in. It looks like it will fit a newborn.

This sweater is so sweet. I think it will fit next fall/winter

Some more bonnets:

The red one is quite big so it might be for a toddler or even older and the white with yellow embroidery looks like it will be for next Winter.

I guess my Grandma Jaleelie and I share a love of bonnets. Who knew?

There are many more pretties coming to me soon I will share...hooray!
Plus, my Mom said there is another box she needs to find that I haven't seen...oh the suspense...


Felicia said...

What pretties!

amy said...

lucky you. isn't it so great when you get to use your baby items on your own children?

Crystal said...

Sweet! That sweater is adorable. Love your blog. :)