Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Apple A Day

....keeps the doctor away.
Oh, if only this were true. I do eat an apple almost every day however, here I am struck down with a cold and fever again. I'm feeling very sorry for myself these days and here is a few reasons why...

1) I was sick almost all of December and am now sick again.
2) I am 35 weeks pregnant, tired, uncomfortable and unable to keep up with my normal routine.
3) We have no home to move into yet and I'm getting nervous.

Any crafting I have been managing has been from the couch or bed as of late.

I did finish up this apple cozy

...pattern here which is super cute

and I made a Norwegian Apple Cake

..recipe here. I was grating apples on the couch with a bowl on my lap in front of my belly...quite a sight I must say. I skipped the icing figuring that would help with the hyperactivity of the little one in the womb.


Sarah and Jack said...

I was sick all.of.the.time when I was pregnant too, and it was awful. Maybe talk to the doc about trying a probiotic? Hope you feel better soon.

amy said...

oh my. that apple cozy is too cute. i sure hope you fell better soon!

Amelia Plum said...

So sorry to hear you're sick again Nancy. Maybe think of increasing your consumption of Stonyfield yogurt, it contains a certain culture (l reuteri) that's supposed to help with immunity and they don't use beatle shells to color their yogurt pink - so yucky. I'm so so sorry to hear m is giving up the naps as well. These two year olds asserting their independence by forgoing naps, they become tiny tyrants. When you get that house in the suburbs I'd recommend the driving but until then maybe you could push him in a stroller to get him to sleep? Usually any movement will help them nod off, and then go to a quieter coffee shop in your area - with a good book or some knitting of course. Let me know how things go and feel better.

asti said...

I remember feeling like that...hope you perk up soon..:)