Tuesday, December 11, 2007

yes, there is a baby in my tummy

I seem to have been forgetting or neglecting or whatever you wish to call it the fact that I am having a baby in 2 months. Not that this little one is going to let me forget. I mean seriously this baby moves, kicks, punches like crazy...like non-stop. I hardly get to sleep most days. I think she really enjoys conversing with Little M this way and they both are super into Dr. Seuss these days. Sometimes I think it's a wonder I get anything done. Sometimes I think I hardly get anything done. Ms. Amelia Plum has come to the conclusion I am an insomniac but, this is not true..I just push myself hard but, to me it's never enough. I have this crazy list in my head and want to do it all and do it now. Guess what? I got sick yesterday with a cold. Nothing like getting sick to make you slow down at least a tiny bit, right?
Well, after the holidays I'm going to take it easy a little bit... maybe...I'm not promising anything but, I do need to concentrate on the baby at some point and make some cute little things for her. Maybe make something for myself too.
The other day I actually started thinking about baby announcements and started cutting little dresses out of doilies as a possible card- an idea I saw on whipup. It actually was nice to do a little stress-free, non-holiday sort of crafting...

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Felicia said...

Congratulations :)