Friday, December 7, 2007

Shoppe Update and Holiday Decor

I've been sneaking some things into the shop over the past few weeks. Some felted items, knits and accessories. Take a look.
More onesies and a garland will be added soon.

I've also been slowly decorating over the past week and still more decorations to go up. Sweet little things like this help me wind down at night...making poms poms (these from merino wool) which I strung on baker's twine. Hot chocolate also helps. It's a stressful time no doubt and hard to get one's long list of things done. Well, it's Friday so hopefully the weekend will be a productive one and perhaps my dream will come true (someone will put a good offer on our place). A girl can dream.


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sulu-design said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your button wreath and your pom pom garland are adorable. I must get going on the holiday crafting to get myself in the spirit!