Sunday, December 23, 2007


We have been crazy bakers here the past few weeks preparing cookies for Christmas gifts. In total we made six different kinds: lime meltaways, sugar cookies, chocolate pecan drop cookies, madeline's, peanut butter surprise cookies and chocolate ginger cookies.
The lime meltaways are amazing.
The sugar cookies took the longest because we made a huge batch, used a cookie press and decorated them. They are also the prettiest. I was very inspired by the sugar cookie spread in Blueprint and used some of their ideas.
The chocolate pecan drop cookies were originally supposed to be toffee chips but, we had a hard time finding them and there was not enough time to order them but, they are so yummy anyway.
The madeline's are very simple and cake like and were dipped in lemon icing.
The peanut butter surprise cookies are peanut butter with chocolate peanut butter cups in the middle.
The chocolate ginger cookies are my least favorite (but I think that's just my taste buds) and I'm not sure I'll be gifting these because their size is not working with the boxes I bought.
All in all it was a lot of work. A lot. I hope the receivers like cookies!
I may have to host a tea party to finish up the leftovers.

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Felicia said...

They look tasty! Merry Christmas :)