Thursday, December 13, 2007

lucia dolls

In honor of Santa Lucia Day, I made these sweet dolls which I have out on display today.
I would have loved to try to make some saffron buns partly because any excuse to consume baked goods is fine by me but, I am still sick which is why I am glad I made these last week. I did consume a lovely decaf cappuccino and if I can get my hands on these
I will because they have totally replaced my former double chocolate milano addiction
The kit for these came from the lovely and talented Alicia and I see she started a Flickr group for them as well so I'm heading over there now and will add mine. I really enjoyed painting and putting these together.


Felicia said...

What pretty little ladies :)

Carolyn said...

Adorable. I may be a bit late for your craving but I think Empire Coffee sells those Anna cookies....xo

Marcia said...

When I saw how nicely that Lucia Doll Kit was put together, I was so sad I hadn't ordered it. My girlfriend brought hers over. We just squeeled with joy over how nice it was packaged up. I hope you enjoyed them. They look real pretty.