Monday, December 3, 2007

mr. & mrs. gnome

I finished stitching up Mr. & Mrs Gnome this weekend. They were such a pleasure to make and the directions were easy to follow. I think they are so sweet. I have them sitting cozily together on the couch.

I am still working away on the button wreath and I've started another one. It's amazing how many buttons you need for a 12" wreath. I'm feeling a little guilty about using buttons this way but, I suppose that means I'll just need to acquire more beautiful vintage buttons.

I'll show them to you when they are all pretty.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of December. We had a bit of snow here yesterday which was nice to start off the holiday season.


Marcia said...

Those are some great looking gnomes. Can't wait to see the button wreaths.

carrie said...

love the gnomes!

Felicia said...

They're cute as cake!