Friday, August 17, 2007

sew a button, knit a stitch

I've been meaning to publicly thank my dear friend Anna who about a month ago had me come and pick through supplies she needed adopted. While there is way too much to photograph it feels a little like I won the lottery. I got a ton of Brown Sheep Bulky, some Cascade plus a variety of some other yarns, tons of vintage buttons, zippers, lace and trims, vintage hankies, sewing patterns...I'm sure I forgot something. Most of it I just can't fit in the apartment. I cleared out a shelf for some of it that I plan to use in the near future and the rest of it is in storage.
Anna is an amazing knitter. You should check it out. She's got her hats and scarves in some of the best stores in NYC.
So, Anna...THANK YOU. It will all be put to good use and I will be making you a little something at some point that I know you want.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. It's supposed to be glorious weather.
Oh, and yes, I did make the little mason jar pincushion top the other day.

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mushroommeadows said...

awww...what a cute little pincushion jar; I need to make one! :)